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Be part of a global network

Join our organisation at the forefront of European sleep medicine. Draw upon experience from peers, multi-disciplinary sleep experts and sleep-relevant initiatives.

Cross-specialty networking opportunities

The EASM gathers once a year, usually when the official CEORL meeting takes place. These events are cross-specialty and are not only for doctors but also healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists to name a few. By attending our events you’ll get the opportunity to network with colleagues and speakers from your own and related specialties, and also across the whole healthcare team.

Shape the system

Members of the EASM own and shape the system. As the only European sleep initiative encompassing members from all specialties, we ensure that the diverse constituencies impacted by sleep-related challenges and responses are represented. Members evolve the alliance for a better sleep, the EASM

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To become a member of one of the worlds largest associations dedicated to sleep, just drop us an email to [email protected]. You’ll get all the necessary infomation you need for your life an a sleep specialist and will stay connected. The membership is completely free of charge.